Thursday, 13 September 2012

Tongue Tied

I've lived in this world for twenty years, gone through three major papers in school and now finishing my final year in Diploma but nothing is harder than asking your parents for a marriage permission. Especially when everyone else thinks you're still 'under age' or not eligible for it. 

No stable income to feed yourself, no permanent job to be proud of, no professional certificate to wow for but yet again God is great, he gave a set of parents that is understanding and caring enough to understand me and support me in everything that I do in the world, fulfill every wishes of mine and never fail to make me happy every second. 

For once I feel as if I'm not good enough to be deserving such loving and supporting parents because I still think that I have 1001 things to repair beyond myself and what more to jump into another life that needs a bigger courage and responsibility.

However, for whatever decision I made I know there's a reason for it. Good or bad, that's my part to worry, as for now we have pretty picture to indulge!

To be frank, we (Aizu and I) didn't see this coming this early. Especially for me, I'm just twenty who still wants to live in her big dreams but then when reality hits me and I'm back to my senses I will come to realize that everything else is just fringes to my life. Nothing else matters other than a happy family, nothing else matters than a calm soul and nothing else matters than a peaceful mind. So why worry when God has obviously send me the answer to my happiness. 

So when he finally pop the question to me I was of course flattered and overwhelm but the only thing that bugs me for weeks is how do I break the news to my parents. I don't want this coming to them as a heartbreaking news, especially to my mom because all these while she has been my vital life support system, my best friend, my soul and my everything. I still want to be able to tag her along wherever she goes, to do whatever she does and to be wherever she is just like how the little me likes to do. 

But I guess God loves me more because soon, insyaAllah he'll spare me another mother that I could extend my love and passion with. Imagine having two people that have the same interest as you do, gosh.. epic please! :) 

On the other note, the event took place twelve days ago on the 1st of September at my little crib of course. Everyone came in shades of green and blue with smile tug along their cheeks, looking good in their Raya outfit, it feels good to see everyone gathers for the sake of a sweet reason. Without everyone who came, my little ceremony might not go on with success and I won't be able to slip on that little Tiffany band. 

To Aizu's family who came all the way from Kelantan and USJ 2 (yes please gelak sekarang, our houses is separated by a single junction traffic light only), thank you for all the love and cares.. Without all the blessing from the both side of my parents, I might not be able to experience such sweet experience.

To Aunty Aida, THANK YOU SO MUCH for the sweet bouquet of lilies and all of your precious time. Sorry you had to postpone your trip to Bandung just for my function, sorry for all the troubles that you have to go through for me (if any) and thank you for all the late stay ups, those pretty vases and cupcake tiers. Since forever, I know you're always the best! :)

To Mak Teh and Pak Teh, thank you for coming down all the way from Kuantan. Sorry I had to make you travel all the way although you just came the week before for Raya, sorry Maisarah and Muaz couldn't make it because they had exams and I had to kidnap their parent's attention during my day. Thank you again for everything!!! For the pocket money, for decorating my little red velvet, for being there and smile on my special day.. Love you ♥

To Mak Ngah, Opah, Kak Ika, Hani, Awad and Eman, thank you for lending me all the carpets for the events, thank you for accompanying me to Floristika, thank you for helping Pak Lang setting up the tent, thank you for all the things that everyone has done. You're the best I ever have, no money could ever buy that from me *hugs* Sorry Eman had to sacrifice his study time for SPM Trials for my day, sorry Hani had to come back all the way from Tapah and juggles from three events, sorry Kak Ika had to skip few weddings just to be there for me. Only god can repay you for your kindness.

To Kak Intan for doing my wonderful make up and the pair of awesome falsies! Nanti we'll take pictures with your twins okay? *kisses* and to Aunty Shashu for the set of brownies :)

To the rest who came, from the bottom of my heart I'd like to extend my gratitude to everyone who made it happen. Sangat sangat terharu and happy, sometimes it's true what they say don't judge your presence on your own perception, wait till you see how overwhelm and bless they are to see you at their event. So don't waste an invite, every invitation means a lot!

My dress is by Innai and tudung by TudungPeople

The one that I'd trade the heaven for because they're already heavenly to me. Hands down!

My little babies.
Despite how annoying and ungrateful they are, at the end of the day they still come cuddling to my bed every night. Especially Kasih.

My beloved Aunties, Mama's side

Another set of awesome Aunties, Papa's side *hugs*

My two grand mothers!
Opah and Mak Tok
Thank you Opah for coming down a week earlier just to make sure that everything falls into places, walaupun sakit kaki nak turun naik bas but she still brave herself for me. Lapchu mucho!
Thank you Mak Tok for raising me into a person I am today, without you my parents won't be able to have a peace of mind and without you I won't be as intact and complete as I am. Not to forget the awesome Asam Pedas that was specially made, you're top notch!

My future family (minus the guys)

InsyaAllah with all the support, luck and motivation in the world we (Aizu and I) will be able to face all the challenges in preparing for the wedding. No details has been set yet for now and since I'm still busy finishing my final two weeks of this semester thus, everything else is not as important as assignments and final exams. So I hope that explains for the long hiatus and as soon as this semester is over, I'll promise for a regular update.

May we meet again!

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  1. muah muah..but make sure hugs and kisses for the little big brother who stand quietly behind you...who went in and out to buy things for the event...Adam is forever your protecter..insyaAllah