Thursday, 10 June 2010

She's a Genius... Unlike Her

" If the fashion world is a sartorial jungle, then style bunny Fifi Lapin rules the pride! From Zac Posen pompoms tucked between her two pointed ears to Marc Jacobs purse dangling off her white paws, Fifi proves that with a little imagination and a deft sketching hand, style can come easy to a girl--no matter what shape, size or species she is! " - TeenVogue

After more than 2 weeks working on it, finally my first astonishing masterpiece is done!

It all started when I was home alone and almost dead bored. Mama was out for the girls open day and at that time we (me and mama) were the only maid available so after all the dishes has been scrub and wipe, clothes has been hung and fold I was left with nothing besides attending my lonely facebook. However, after hopping here and there I finally stumble upon the most stylish bunny's (as quoted by ELLE magazine) blog, and that's when my brilliant idea start to boost.

With a few tubs of fondants left, I start to mould it into a rows of cute little bunnies in designer couture.

I purposely made it identical with the real ones so that I could personally have my real figurines of Fifi Lapin :)

Maybe some of you are still not familiar with this awesome bunny so let me help with a little introduction ey?

Fifi Lapin is actually an anonymous blogger who still remain as it is since 2007 and up till today nobody know who's actually behind the screen.

However, with or without the real identity the person who has created this creature is definitely one of the genius people in the world after Albert Einstein. Why? Because he/she just introduce one of the most influential fashion critic right after Anna Wintour of Vogue and Nina Garcia from Marie Claire. Plus, she's a bunny! :)

She has 257 siblings including herself but sadly the other 256 had an outbeak of myxomatosis when she was only one year old. Lucky Fifi, she survived!

Therefore it explains why she's the only hare-ss to her father's fortune which he made by playing fast and loose with carrot and lettuce shares on the international stock market.

Some of them might think that she's just another Paris Hilton wannabe but perhaps you're wrong because she has more than just an extremely stylish clotheshorse!
Be it a Valentino tutu dress, Lady Dior to a gorgeous limited edition Armani Prive gown, Fifi Lapin has it all.

Fifi wears Moschino

Fifi wears Valentino

Fifi wears Kate Moss

Fifi wears Cynthia Rowley

Fifi wears Prada

Fifi wears Luella

Now residing at a main town house in London, Fifi Lapin is happily enjoying her upcoming days with her dog, Stella; boyfriend, Sonny and her best friend forever, Ruby Gatta.

With her beloved boyfriend Sonny, wearing Paul Smith ♥♥♥

With that, after a few months being on the blogsphere, Fifi Lapin has been the talk of the town. Everybody wants to know her and wants to be her, although she's just a bunny but the influence that she pour to the world is simply phenomenal!

Soon, she got invited to numerous Fashion Weeks around Europe and when I say numerous of it, yes it includes New York Fashion Week, London Fashion Week, Paris Fashion Week and also Milan Fashion Week plus to top the cherrie on the ice - cream, Fifi Lapin also get's the front row seat baby! Isnt that awesome? Definitely. On the other note she also got invited by LeSportsac to design a bag for the Artist In Residence, and voilah! Fifi Lapin has a bag ♥

I've been a loyal follower to her blog eversince I started and recently she was caught in an accident and broke her nose but fret not as things are getting better with her, she had a plastic surgery and now she has a spanking new nose :)

For more info feel free to visit her blog and flickr gallery :)

Anyway, back to my edible creations. I didn't know why I did it and how I got the idea to do it but I did it! After more than a week handlings those figurines, I finally told my self that this thing has to be on a cake asap, if not it will rotten (fondant could only last for 3 weeks+/-) but then again, people are sick with cupcakes and so does cakes. Instead, I made mini cakes!

All ideas came while I was decorating those cakes, no sketches and drafts were done before the production. Everything was impromptu and honestly, I just feel proud of myself for making it happen because I just did the first edible creation of Fifi Lapin (after much research on the world wide web).

Thus, I hope for those who's reading this will also enjoy drooling over it as much as I do *kisses*

P/S: I'll be having a cupcake decorating class next Monday, anyone interested?

P/SS: Do you think I should add a chatbox? Please, I need your feedback. Thanks :)

all pictures are courtesy of Fifi Lapin's blog and all image of the mini cakes are copyright by Of My Stilettos and Spatula

Much love,


  1. So cute...keep it up Alia!!!
    -Aunty Asilah-

  2. coOl... cute :)
    yes..u should pun cbox :D
    its convenient

  3. wah.....comelnye bunny tu...keep it up, alia!

    yeah u should have a cbox :P

  4. Hello Izzlin and Cahaya Kekasih,

    Thanks for the responds and yes, I'll be having a cbox soon :)

    Lookout for it!


  5. I love your cakes, they are adorable!! Congratulations on making the first edible creation of Fifi. Will you open a business soon (or you already have one?). Best luck!


  6. I love Fifi so much !!!
    Your cakes look yummy, you're a genius !

    See U !

  7. wow ! you are so creative its amazing I swear ♥
    ♥ Fifi Lapin ♥ is definitely the most stylish bunny ever ♥
    I ♥ those mini cakes. they look so delicious ♥ !

    Queen L

  8. Dear Fifi Lapin,

    It is an honour for me too for you to actually comment on my blogpost! I am very ecstatic when I saw :)

    Thanks for the great pleasure ♥

  9. To Freyal, Lady Moriarty Queen L,

    Thank you for the acknowledgement, I really appriciate it! There'll be more to come in the future, so stay tune!!

    much love,

  10. So adorable!! Love them all!!

    Following your blog, can't wait to see what other creations you make!

    <3 Kelly

  11. Hello!
    I found you from Fifi's blog.
    I must say these cakes are all delightful! I love cake decorating but my creations are no where near as lovely as these. I especially love the beautiful Valentino dress.
    Now I'm going to go trawl through you old posts!

    Florrie x